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Happy Highlights Aim

Our aim

Just like our physical health, positive mental wellbeing requires knowledge and active effort.This is why we have created Happy Highlights.

  • Check mark | Track

    how you are feeling

  • Check mark | Understand

    what makes you happy

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    your positive mental health

Happy Highlights Screen

Music is at the heart of our app!

We believe music can play an important role in facilitating mental wellbeing by almost instantly changing our mood state!

We will recommend music based on how you want to feel, along with a daily selection of your #HappyTracks and songs that are trending.

Music played via Spotify and/or YouTube.

Start today with just

4 simple steps

Happiness made easy...


Start with


Set-up your


Add some songs that

Make you happy




Ready to go

Tailor-made features

We have designed a suite of rich features in collaboration with experts. No matter how you are feeling, we have something that can help.

Mood meter icon
Mood Meter

Track your mood and emotions throughout the day with our intuitive mood meter.

Musical note icon

Create a library of go-to tracks that help to manage your mood (e.g. make you feel calm, uplifted, motivated, relaxed, energised). We will then recommend similar music.

Diary icon

A place for you to reflect on your day and identify the activities that made you happy. You can look back on these memories whenever you are in need of some happy inspiration.

Alaytics icon

Your summary dashboard. It allows you to track how you are feeling over time, which activities are making you happy and much more.

Enter the world of


We all have our ups and downs when it comes to how we are feeling. We will help you spot patterns and build strategies that work for you.

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Track your mental health on the go!

Download the app to keep track of your mood and what makes you happy. Listen to our music recommendations or your #HappyTracks to help you throughout the day.

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